Monthly Archives: June 2015

Dr. Susan Fischer is a licensed Optometrist who is trained to detect and treat diseases of the eye, including Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration. She also treats red eye problems, eye infections, allergies, foreign body removal, dry eyes and other types of medical eye urgencies and emergencies.  Dr. Fischer also provides annual comprehensive eye exams for Diabetic patients.  With our digital retinal imaging capabilities, Dr. Fischer is able to provide her patients with the most current technology to monitor eye health.

Northeast Eye Care meets the standards of our contact lens clients by fitting not only standard soft lenses (dailies and extended wear) but also color enhancing lenses, astigmatic lenses and multifocal contacts lenses. We also are a carrier of major brands of lenses, so the convenience is perfect for the busy lifestyles we all lead
— Dr. Susan Fischer